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        Development History of Open Mill


        The full name of the open type rubber mixer is one of the basic equipment in the rubber industry and one of the three major rubber refining equipment. It is a basic rubber machinery that has been used early and has a relatively simple structure in the rubber industry. As early as 1820, there was a single roller trough type rubber mixing machine driven by manpower. The double roller rubber mixing machine was applied in rubber processing and production in 1826, and has a history of over 180 years to this day. The design and manufacturing of large-scale refineries in China began in 1955. In the past fifty years, the design and manufacturing level of refineries have greatly improved. In recent years, there has been a continuous emergence of domestically produced new structural opening mills. It has effectively promoted the development of the refining machine. So far, domestic refiners have become a series, and some specifications have been finalized and designed, and have been exported to foreign countries.

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