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        Development direction of open mill


        The full name of the open rubber mixer is one of the basic equipment in the rubber industry and one of the three major rubber refining equipment. It is the earliest and most basic rubber machinery in the rubber industry with a relatively simple structure. As early as 1820, there was a single roller trough type rubber mixing machine driven by manpower. The double roller rubber mixing machine was applied in rubber processing and production in 1826, and has a history of over 180 years to this day. The design and manufacturing of large-scale refineries in China began in 1955. In the past fifty years, the design and manufacturing level of refineries have greatly improved. In recent years, there has been a continuous emergence of domestically produced new structural opening mills. It has effectively promoted the development of the refining machine. So far, domestic refiners have become a series, and some specifications have been finalized and designed, and have been exported to foreign countries.

        With the continuous development of the rubber industry, the opening mill is gradually improving and constantly updating. In the automatic flow mixing operation line, due to the application and development of equipment such as extrusion Tablet press, internal mixer and continuous mixer, the application scope of the open mill has been significantly reduced, but it is still widely used in small and medium-sized factories, especially in the production of rubber and small batch of special rubber types and rubber compounds. Foreign people believe that internal mixers do not replace open mixers. Internal mixers only produce nearly completed rubber materials, and it is best to continue processing with open mixers in the future. The series of foreign refiners have not undergone significant changes in recent years, and their structure has tended to be standardized, but they are constantly innovating in terms of components. The trend of its development is to improve the level of mechanization and automation, improve labor conditions, improve production efficiency, reduce the area occupied by machines, improve auxiliary devices, and extend service life.

        Future development direction:

        ① In terms of control, achieve automated operations and improve labor conditions

        ② In terms of distance adjustment

        ③ In terms of bearings

        ④ Safety device (brake)

        ⑤ In terms of transmission, double output shafts are used

        ⑥ The material and casting method of the roller.

        Introduction to Small Open Mill (Experimental Open Mill)

        Small refiners are designed for experiments in factories, research institutions, and universities, as well as formula research and development. Its structure design is simple, its floor area is small, it is easy to operate, it is easy to carry, and its Factor of safety is high. The technology of small internal mixer in China has been at a quite mature level, it has been recognized by scientific research institutions in domestic universities and colleges, and it has begun to export to foreign markets.

        Applicable products have covered: silicone rubber products, plastic products, polymer materials, engineering materials, etc.

        National standard models include: 4 inches (120 * 300); 6 inches (160 * 320); 9 inches (230 * 620)

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