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        Classification and structural characteristics of open mills


        Classification of refiners:

        1. Classification of refiners: Double frequency modulation refiners and single frequency modulation refiners according to variable speed.

        2. According to the heating method, it can be divided into oil heating refiners and electric heating refiners.

        3. The size of the mixer drum can be selected according to the amount used during the experiment.

        4. The temperature of the opening mill is different from the melting point and modification temperature requirements of the material, and the temperature can be adjusted according to needs.

        5. The specific speed of the opening mill is 1:1.25. Customized according to the shear properties of the material.

        6. The dual frequency modulation mixer can freely set the specific speed of the rolling drum. Convenient operation for mixing different materials.

        Structural characteristics of the opening mill:

        1. The overall bottom plate installation is convenient, and the transmission method is single shaft output to ensure high torque. Imported bearings reduce friction force to ensure power saving, low noise, and even and controllable rubber thickness.

        2. The roller is made of vanadium titanium alloy cold hard cast iron, with a hard and wear-resistant surface and durability. The precision machining of the inner cavity of the roller ensures rapid and uniform cooling of the roller body, and can be heated or watered according to user needs. The thickness control of the machine is precise and easy to operate.

        3. The machine is equipped with emergency braking. In case of an accident, there are Manual fire alarm activation and knee touch switches at the four corners, which are convenient for multi position braking, convenient for the machine to stop or reverse quickly, and effectively reduce the risk of accidents.

        4. The four corners of this machine are equipped with height adjustment function, which is low noise, easy to maintain, and requires less maintenance.

        5. This machine is equipped with high-temperature foot guards on both sides to ensure that materials are not contaminated.

        6. The small refining machine is equipped with an oil filling system to ensure that the machine is damaged due to oil shortage.

        7. Use drilling rollers to ensure uniform heating of the material.

        8. This machine is mainly provided for rubber and plastic product factories for rubber mixing, color matching, mixing of raw rubber and additives, or for rubber hot mixing and rubber pressing.

        9. The heating method of this machine is divided into oil heating mixer and electric heating mixer.

        10. The machine adopts manual distance adjustment and digital display, making it easy to operate and accurate.

        The above is the classification and structural characteristics of the opening mill.

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