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        The demand for PVC products in the opening mill is increasing, and the rolling mill has entered a rational development stage


        With the advancement of calender forming technology, resin modification, and the improvement of additive formulations, the range of materials suitable for calender forming has greatly expanded, and the application range of plastic calenders has become increasingly widespread. The plastic rolling machine and its linkage auxiliary machines form the plastic rolling machine production line, which is one of the basic equipment in the plastic product production process and belongs to large-scale high-precision equipment. Calendering machines have been used in plastic processing for over a hundred years, during which they have undergone continuous improvement. Nowadays, in the production process of plastic products, large high-precision equipment, plastic calenders, and their auxiliary machines are one of the basic equipment.

        At present, the speed control system using high-precision Electric power conversion of semiconductor integrated circuits has matured. Most plastic rolling machines use a fully digital speed control system, and the main transmission motor is still mainly a DC motor. Most of the transmission motors of the auxiliary unit have already adopted AC variable frequency motors.

        The transmission control system of the plastic rolling machine production line is a micro tension speed linkage control system. This system is an adjustable speed and high-precision stable speed system. The speed adjustment range usually requires 1:10. In a DC speed control system with dual closed loops of speed and current, a photoelectric encoder is used as digital speed feedback, with an accuracy of 0.01% and a comprehensive accuracy of 0.01%.

        The plastic rolling machine production line needs to control the equipment in a predetermined order and conditions, and control each control stage step by step and in sequence. Some are designed to sequentially control devices, which are called logical control systems. To achieve these control requirements, the upper computer of the plastic rolling machine production line uses an industrial control computer for monitoring and management of the entire production line, while the lower computer uses PLC to detect and control various devices on site through the field bus. The production line is generally equipped with a human-machine interface operating system.

        With the development of product processing technology and the improvement of product quality requirements, the development of plastic rolling machine production lines has entered a period of rapid development. At the same time, due to technological progress, the requirements for environmental protection, energy conservation, and other aspects of plastic rolling machine production are constantly increasing. Plastic rolling machines are constantly developing towards large-scale, high-precision, high-efficiency, and highly automated directions to meet market needs.

        According to market demand analysis, the demand for PVC rolling products is rapidly increasing in the market. Firstly, with the development of the market economy, people's advertising awareness is gradually increasing, and the demand for PVC lightbox fabric is gradually increasing. Among them, the demand for high-end products (with a width of more than 3 meters) will have a significant increase, while the market demand for medium and low-end products will gradually slow down. Secondly, with the continuous improvement of national living standards, the demand for furniture has sharply increased, and the demand for PVC furniture packaging film is relatively high.

        Furthermore, the pharmaceutical and food industries are growing rapidly, and the market demand for PVC sheets is also growing rapidly. In addition, due to environmental protection and labor costs, developed countries have gradually eliminated the production of PVC calendered products. Chinese Mainland has become the production base of PVC products in the world. Many enterprises' calendered products are mainly exported, and their export products are mainly medium and high-end products. There is a large market development space.

        Of course, with the deepening implementation of national macroeconomic regulation policies, the development of rolled products has also entered a rational development stage, and the market has entered a stage of adjustment. But the four regions where the aforementioned products are relatively developed are still in the stage of expanding production scale or improving product specifications and grades, with the main development direction being wide and high-precision. Correspondingly, the development trend of plastic rolling machine production lines is still large-scale, high-speed, high-precision, highly automated, and specialized.

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