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        XK-160 Open Rubber Refining Machine -6-inch Rubber Refining Machine - XK160 Open Rubber Refining Machine


        The full name of the X (S) K-160 standard open type rubber (plastic) mixer is X (S) K-160 standard open type rubber (plastic) mixer. This machine is mainly composed of a table shaped base, frame, roller, transmission ratio gear, gear reduction motor, and other components. The roller is made of chilled cast iron. The surface of the workpiece is ground and has high hardness and wear resistance. The inside of the roller is hollow and can be adjusted by steam or cold water to adjust the temperature of the roller. The machine adopts a desktop structure where the gear reducer is installed inside the base, and the rollers and frame are placed on top of the machine, making it compact in structure.

        Roller working diameter (mm) ¥ 160

        Working length of roller (mm) 320

        Large working length of roller (mm) 280

        Front rolling line speed (m/min) 9.29

        Rear rolling line speed (m/min) 12.54

        Roll forward speed (r/min) 18.51

        Roll back speed (r/min) 25

        Roller speed ratio 1:1.35

        Roller distance adjustment range (mm) 0-5

        One feeding amount (kg) 1-2

        External dimensions (mm) 1080X796X1415

        Motor power (kW) 5.5

        Heating method: steam heating, electric heating, or water cooling

        Equipment weight (kg) approximately 1000

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